Fake Service Emails are messages that are sent out at random to people that contain viruses as attachments.

We’ve noticed a large uptick in these fake service e-mails that are being sent out. You may have already seen them before, they will come in and have a subject line that looks something like this:

  • You have a new voice mail!
  • New Fax Message On <Date> <Time>
  • Pending Deposit from PayPal Inc.
  • Your Amazon Order has been refunded. Details Inside!
  • Your ADP Payroll information is included
  • UPS needs you to fill out this information to receive your package!

These are just a few of the ones we’ve noticed. The ones from PayPal, Amazon or any other online retailer will look surprisingly real, but they all have a common theme:  they all contain a file attachment.  All of them will have a file attached with the extension “.zip”. These will always, 100% of the time, have a virus inside.

Please, DO NOT open these attachments.

The type and severity of the virus can vary, but they all have the same basic idea/principle. They infect you with a virus that either hijacks your computer and/or destroys your files.  There are even some that are going around lately that can potentially infect your network shares. So, for example, if you have a mapped network drive to a server, it can infect and corrupt those files.

Please keep an eye out for these fake e-mails. If you are getting a rather high number of them daily or weekly, please let us know and we can help get it sorted out.

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